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Initial checkin of MGET code. You can build an installable Python package for Windows that contains a single HelloWorld?? tool. Ben showing Catherine this.

2This is the root directory of the Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools project
3(MGET). MGET is a Python package that provides software tools useful in spatial
4ecology studies. Most tools were designed for coastal and marine problems but
5many may be applied to terrestrial projects as well. The tools may be invoked
6from a variety of environments, including Python code, any other scripting
7language that can invoke Microsoft "COM automation" (IDispatch) components, and
8ArcGIS geoprocessing scripts and models.
10Currently there is only one subdirectory, MGET, which holds the source code and
11related infrastructure needed to build the Python package. Please see the
12README.txt file in that subdirectory for more information.
14In the future, additional subdirectories will be added to hold project metadata,
15such as development documents, presentations and so on.
17The MGET project is maintained using the Subversion version control system. If
18you are not familiar with subversion, read "Version Control with Subversion" by
19Ben Collins-Sussman, Brian W. Fitzpatrick, and C. Michael Pilato, available
20online at
22Please contact with any questions.
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