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Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools

Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools (MGET), also known as the GeoEco Python package, is an open source geoprocessing toolbox designed for coastal and marine researchers and GIS analysts who work with spatially-explicit ecological and oceanographic data in scientific or management workflows. MGET includes over 300 tools useful for a variety of tasks, such as downloading popular oceanographic datasets in GIS-compatible formats, identifying fronts and eddies in satellite images, building statistical habitat models from species observations and creating habitat maps, modeling biological connectivity by simulating hydrodynamic larval dispersal, and building grids that summarize fishing effort, CPUE and other statistics. Currently under development are tools for analyzing connectivity networks, for estimating fishing effort when no effort data are available, for predicting hard bottom habitat from coarse grain bathymetry, and much more.

MGET has a new website

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The website you are viewing now will continue to exist but will be used mainly to track bugs, provide a browser for the source code, and handle other software development issues. We are moving all other content to the new website.